Bills of Lading A Guide to Good Practice


Stephen Mills

ISBN 978-0-9574936-0-5 - 160 pp A5 - soft cover - published June 2014 - 30

>> Bills of Lading (3rd edition) explains how to avoid disputes and problems arising from improper use of bills of lading, one of the most important yet least understood documents involved in the international carriage of goods by sea.

>> It aims to assist ship's officers, operators and managers in their understanding of the legal implications of bills of lading and the problems and practical issues surrounding their everyday use.

>> The guide works on various levels, with a practical guidance section supplemented by a theory section and footnotes to show the legal foundation for the advice given.

>> Copies of the various international conventions are included together with an annotated and fully explained copies of the BIMCO Congenbill (1994 and 2007 versions) and the latest set of recommended standard letters.

>> The 3rd edition has been extended to cover electronic bills of lading and the legal section has been comprehensively reviewed and updated.

>> Bills of Lading is written by Stephen Mills, an internationally acknowledged shipping lawyer and mediator with over 30 years' experience in international trade law.

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Last updated 12 May 2015