Draught Surveys A Guide to Good Practice


Jim Dibble and Peter Mitchell

ISBN 978-0-9558257-5-0 - 52pp A5 - soft cover - published October 2009 - 30

>> Intended to help surveyors and masters ensure that draught surveys are carried out as accurately as possible in the prevailing conditions, thus minimising considerably the risk of shortage claims and disputes.

>> Describes the methods and corrections for a draught survey to be carried out to the required accuracy, and recommends procedures and formulas for every circumstance likely to be encountered including a series of worked examples.

>> Includes copies of the UN/ECE Draught Survey Forms, which are free to download from the internet, to help encourage standardisation throughout the industry.

>> Written by leading maritime consultants Jim Dibble and Peter Mitchell, the guide was first published in 1994. It was revised and restructured in 2009 to make it even simpler to follow.

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Last updated 08 September 2009