Letters of Indemnity A Guide to Good Practice

Stephen Mills and Ben Roberts

ISBN 0 9546537 4 2 56 pp A5 soft cover published January 2006 30

>> Letters of Indemnity explains how to avoid disputes and problems arising from the use of letters of indemnity, which are in widespread but controversial use in international shipping.

>> Sheds much-needed light on this grey area of international trade practice and explains how to minimise the many commercial and legal risks that can arise when letters of indemnity are used with or in place of bills of lading.

>> The guide works on various levels, with a practical guidance section supplemented by a detailed analysis section and, for the legal specialist, detailed and up-to-date legal footnotes.

>> Includes copies and a line-by-line analysis of the International Group of P&I club standard letters of indemnity for delivery of a cargo without the original bill of lading or at a different port.

>> Letters of Indemnity is written by Stephen Mills and Ben Roberts of maritime and international maritime law firm Rayfield Mills.

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