Shipboard Petroleum Surveys A Guide to Good Practice


Anthony Severn

ISBN 978-0-9558257-4-3 - 56pp A5 - soft cover - published September 2009 - 30

>> If you own, operate, survey or deal with vessels carrying crude oil and petroleum products, you need Shipboard Petroleum Surveys. This unique illustrated guide, now in its second edition, explains how good shipboard survey practice can significantly reduce the risk of shortage and contamination claims arising from loading or discharging crude oil and petroleum products.

>> It recommends a range of quantitative and qualitative monitoring and recording techniques which should enable potential loss or contamination problems to be identified at an early stage and remedied cost effectively. The guide is designed to be used with standard industry guidelines including the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards and the Energy Institute Hydrocarbon Management procedures.

>> Advice is given on how to avoid errors when calibrating vessels. Recommendations for shipboard operating and logging procedures are also provided. The confusing terminology and acronyms associated with shipping oil cargoes are explained and the pitfalls of using the ASTM/IP Petroleum Measurement Tables identified.

>> Written by Anthony Severn, international oil claims expert with London commodity and bulk cargo consultancy CWA Consultants, and international mutual marine liability insurer the North of England P&I Association. First published in 1995, the guide was comprehensively updated to reflect the latest industry developments in 2009.

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Last updated 08 September 2009