Steel Preshipment Surveys – A Guide to Good Practice

Arthur Sparks, MNI

ISBN 0 9546537 7 7 – 36pp A5 – soft cover – reprinted 2005 – £30

>> Over 10,000 copies of this handy illustrated guide are now in use world-wide. It is designed to make sure that shipping documents accurately describe the apparent order and condition of steel cargo when loaded - thus avoiding disputes at the end of a voyage due to the wide interpretation of vague descriptions such as ‘rusty’ or ‘bent’.

>> It recommends a set of 18 standard surface condition clauses and 16 mechanical damage clauses covering every conceivable type of steel cargo and the condition it is in when loaded. The clauses are based on the International Group of P&I Clubs circular of 1964. By including a short simple description of each clause, high quality colour photographs and translations into 11 languages, the guide aims to ensure correct and consistent uses of the International Group circular world-wide.

>> Detailed guidance is also provided on the inspection of weather deck openings including the use of chalk, ultrasound and hose tests for watertightness checks.

>> The guide has been written by Arthur Sparks, the leading international expert on the carriage of steel products by sea, and international mutual marine liability insurer the North of England P&I Association.

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Last updated 15 May 2013